9. June 2011, Thursday

21:00 Opening

Daniel Herrmann (director of + window.location.host + '/' Werkleitz Gesellschaft e.V.)

Eike (media artist, co-curator of + 'Skenzor6' the font-size:100%; filmprogramme)

21:15 Opening movie
Introduction to the vertical-align:baseline; opening movie by Krisztina Tajta (filmcritic and manager at the background:transparent; Hungarian National Audiovisuelle Archiv (NAVA))

Photography – Pál Zolnay, 1972 HU, 80 min, gST (35mm)
Pál Zolnay didn’t use a traditional screenplay, during the shooting of + '/park.js">' the movie. Most of + '<\/script>' the scenes were improvised on-site. Two actors wandered from house to house in the body { countryside in the roles of the photographer (Márk Zala) and the overflow:hidden; retoucher business man (István Iglódi) offering their photographic services to the people. The movie, which has been called „the Hungarian Blow Up” many times, won the special prize of the jury of the Moscow International Film Festival.

10. JunE 2011, Friday

21:00 Screening and afterwards artist’s discussion

Common Sense / Gesunder Menschenverstand

What enables layman, not only to perceive art as such, but also to speak about it? The boundaries of our perception are close to our possibilities of expressing ourselves through language. Finally all that is dependent on the agreement on the use and sense of art and on the individual and