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Evidence of Population

50 days exhibition project • Sept, 19 until Nov, 7  • In the display windows of Rauminhalt, Geiststraße 43 • start: Karin Weber (Set-Dresser), September 19, 7 pm

Nachweis für Besiedlung is a collection of objects of everyday culture in Halle-Neustadt. The scenario of the vanishing city and the fact that the

number of the initial residents and witnesses of the former settlement decreases steadily, is the occasion for Nachweis für Besiedlung. The first public presentation of Nachweis für Besiedlung took place in autumn 2004. It was connected with the call to all residents of Halle-Neustadt to participate in the collection. Since then a large number of former usefull things, fotos and souvenirs from Neustadt were given by the residents of Neustadt and friends. These days the collection counts about a few hundered objects.

Pictures and information about a small part of the collection were worked into a filemaker database in 2005/06. With the so called Neu-Neustadt-Modell which was presented in 2006/07 in the municipal museum of Halle, the collection was transformed into an artwork. A segment of the city model is to be shown from November 2014 in the window towards Halle-Neustadt in the art museum Moritzburg in Halle (Saale).

On the occasion of 50 years Halle-Neustadt Werkleitz invites artists, theorists and designers to work with the collection. Within 50 days five of the interpretations are shown in the display window of Rauminhalt, Geiststraße 43 in Halle. The first installation, realised by Karin Weber was presented on september 19, 7 pm. A publication with comments and

pictures of the interpretations off Nachweis für Besiedlung will be published in december 2014. Further participating artists are:

• Freitag 19. September – Sonntag  28. September: Karin Weber, Halle (Saale)

• Dienstag 30. September – Mittwoch 08. Oktober: Holmer Feldmann, Berlin

• Samstag 11. Oktober – Sonntag 19. Oktober: Karsten Bott, Frankfurt am Main

• Dienstag 21. Oktober – Mittwoch 29. Oktober: Kurt Helm, Berlin

• Freitag 31. Oktober – Samstag 8. November: Doris Köther, Magdeburg  

People who would like to donate Neustadt souvenirs, everyday things or fotos of Neustadt can hand them in at the Werkleitz office, Schleifweg 6 from mondays till tuesdays. 

The Werkleitz projects on 50 years Halle-Neustadt are supported by Bauverein Halle & Leuna eG, Saalesparkasse Halle, the state Saxony-Anhalt, the city Halle (Saale) and culturtraeger.


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