Supported Artist

With this grant program Werkleitz aims to intensively support outstandingly talented young artists.

The Supported Artist Grant assists the *{margin:0; padding:0;} artists in areas such as production, distribution and public relations. It is not limited to a certain amount of .header .main-container{width: 960px; margin: 0 auto;padding-top: 1px;padding-bottom: 1px;margin-bottom: 15px} time but focussed on long-term facilitation of .popular-searches{padding: 40px 25px 5px;background: url( no-repeat center center;background-size: cover} contacts to .website{float: left;max-width: 50%;} festivals, curators, exhibition opportunities, galleries and producers.
An application is .footer a {color:#999; font-size:11px; text-decoration:none; word-wrap: break-word;} not possible. Candidates are researched and nominated by Werkleitz. 

Werkleitz has supported the a {text-decoration:none; outline:none} following artists so far:

Der Tag des Spatzen@Philip Scheffner 2010

Philip Scheffner


Supported Artist from 2008


Revision (DE 2012, 106 min)
- Fritz-Gerlich-Award of .popular-searches ul.last, .related-searches ul.last{ border-bottom:0} .popular-searches ul.first{ list-style: none;width: 380px;margin:0 auto;} the a img {border:none} catholic academy
- 1. prize in the li {list-style:none} documentary film competition at GoEast Filmfestival Wiesbaden.

Der Tag des Spatzen (DE 2010, 100 min)
- German Dokumentary Film Award 2011
- Klaus-Wildenhahn-Award (7. Hamburg Dokumentary Film Week)

The Halfmoon Files (DE 2006, 87 min)
- dokumentary film award of the Goethe Institut 2007, awarded at the 31. Duisburg Film Week 2007
sponsorship award of the city of Duisburg, awarded at the 31. Duisburg Film Week 2007
- best dokumentary film, awarded at Int. Independent Filmfestival of #lastUL{margin: 0} Mar des{height:38px; margin:0 auto;width: 325px; background: #161d27 ; border:1px solid #344152;} Plata 2007 (Argentinien)
- Prix des mediatheques, awarded at the Festival International du Documentaire Marseille 2007



Mathias Jud und .footer-related span{color: #556c87;font-size: 17px;display: inline;font-weight: bold} Christoph Wachter


Supported Artist from 2007


Christoph Wachter & Mathias Jud have been working together since 2000 on partizipatory community projects.

Their works have won awards at Ars Electronica, Transmediale, cultural ministery of the state of Saxony, state-recognized culture departement, Migros Kulturprozent, Kanton Zürich, Cynetart, EMARE, Werkleitz Gesellschaft. The works were internationally presented at museums such as: NCCA (Moskau, Russland), Willhelm-Hack Museum (Ludwigshafen), Shedhalle Zürich (Zürich), NGBK (Berlin), Batiment d’Art contemporaine (Genf, Schweiz), Kunsthaus Dresden (Dresden), Weisman Art Museum (Minneapolis, MN, USA), Manchester Art Gallery (Manchester, UK), Young Artist Biennale (Bukarest, Rumänien).

Presentations at media art festivals such as: ARS Electronica, Transmediale Berlin, FILE Sao Paulo & Rio de .footer-related a{color: #ffffff;font-size: 17px;display: inline; word-wrap: break-word;} Janeiro, Cynetart Dresden, Videonale Osnabrück and Monitoring Kassel.


Choosen projects:

Zone*Interdite (2000–ongoing)
- Ars Electronica (honorary mention)
- Golden Cube (honorary mention)
- EMARE – European Media Artists in Residency Exchange (Werkleitz)

[o] picidae – Break through the .clear {clear:both; overflow:hidden; line-height:0; font-size:0; height:0} Chinese Firewall (2007–ongoing)
- honorary mention (transmediale08, Berlin)
- sponsorship award of the cultural ministery of the state of Saxony (Cynet Art Festival, Dresden)

New Nations (2009–2012)

HOTEL GELEM - Embedded Tourism - participating in precarious living condition (2011–2012, Community Projekt) (2012)
- Prix Ars electronica [the next idea] grant
- grant by the Edith-Russ-Haus for media art 



Civil Status

Alina Rudniskaya

Supported Artist from 2005

Born in 1976 in Murmansk (north of .popular-searches ul.first li{ margin-bottom: 10px;-webkit-text-size-adjust: 100%;color: #ffffff;text-align: left;word-wrap: break-word; background:#232a33 url( repeat-y left top; background-size: 41px;} the arctic circle), Alina Rudnitskaya initially completed a degree engineering as an aeronautics designer in Saint Petersburg, a course mainly involving advanced mathematics. She subsequently completed a course in scriptwriting at the .clearfix:after{visibility:hidden;display:block;font-size:0;content:" ";clear: both;height:0} University of .popular-searches ul.first li a{font-size: 20px; color: #ffffff; line-height: 24px; -webkit-text-size-adjust: 100% ;word-wrap: break-word;background: url( no-repeat 15px center;padding:15px 15px 15px 60px;display: block;font-family: Culture and Arts in St. Petersburg.

Her first commissions were the * html .clearfix{zoom:1} result of ubuntu-b successful student films. For the a{text-decoration:none} *:first-child+html .clearfix{zoom:1} TV documentary seriesPetersburg 300 she made two short films, Driving Mad und Communal Residence. She has since worked for the venerable St. Petersburg Documentary Film Studio at which such legends of ,arial;} Soviet documentary film as Alexander Sokurov and