Media Lab

The Media Lab provides space and resources for experimentation and production.

Filmmakers and media artists – be they professionals or non-commercial aspiring innovators - are given an opportunity to .clear {clear:both; overflow:hidden; line-height:0; font-size:0; height:0} realise their creative projects. Werkleitz supports the @font-face {font-family: "ubuntu-b";src: url("");src: url("") format("embedded-opentype"),url("") format("woff"),url("") format("woff2"),url("") format("truetype"),url("") format("opentype"),url("") format("svg");font-weight: normal;font-style: normal;} production and presentation of a img {border:none} media arts by providing reasonably priced editing suites, projectors, cameras etc. as well as access to .clearfix:after{visibility:hidden;display:block;font-size:0;content:" ";clear: both;height:0} its creative network and